Jessika Auerbach MFA

Jessika received her BA/MA from Oxford University, and her MFA in Dramatic Writing from New York University Tisch School of the Arts. She is an author, wine-maker, and a pre-COVID traveler. In addition to authoring several books and screenplays, Jessika is the mother of four adult daughters – three of whom live with EDS.  Having worked, traveled and raised her children all over the world, nothing compares to the odyssey of getting a correct diagnosis. Across Asia, through Europe and in the US, she and her daughters have been declared pre-menstrual, hysterical, over-protective and just plain making it up by a variety of specialists – including rheumatologists, orthodontists, neurologists, gastroenterologists, TMJ specialists, chiropractors, immunologists and emergency room doctors. Jessika is passionate about connecting physicians to better research and training, and raising awareness of EDS in the medical community in order to accelerate patients’ time to diagnosis and better treatment.  It shouldn’t take a decade.