Misia Van Arsdale MBA

Misia is the Senior Vice President of Industrial Metal Enterprise, a metals recycling company. She leads a team of recyclers, metallurgists, and metal market analysts to reduce our carbon footprint by preventing recyclable metals from entering landfills. In this vein, she cofounded Third Coast Electronics Recycling, a startup based in Chicago. She received her MBA from Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management focusing in Strategy and Small Business Development.

Despite receiving an Ehlers Danlos Syndrome diagnosis from her rheumatologist at age 24, she did not find a healthcare team able to meaningfully reduce pain and build joint stability until she was 30. Misia considers herself to be a particularly lucky zebra whose family support helped mitigate the challenges stemming from a severe lack of EDS knowledge in the medical community. She is passionate about changing this healthcare trajectory as the normal EDS experience. Misia lives in Chicago with her husband, loves Pilates and traveling, and never leaves home without her Kindle.